Hi, hello. Thanks for dropping in. Wild Cactus is a labor of love for co-creators Ashley and Jami. Though we didn’t meet until living in Manhattan as post-grad adults, we’ve lived oddly parallel lives and have seemingly identical taste. We are from the same home state (the one with all the sunshine), attended the same university, worked for the same company, and married men with the same parents. We are also both aunts to one another’s wild and styled baby girls. We are lovers of a good photo op, all things black and white, and pretending to eat healthy.  And since life always has a way of moving you to Colombia (not the South Carolina one) when you least expect it, we are also learning Spanish. No? That hasn’t happened to you? 

Surprisingly, however, we do have our differences.

Ashley is a wizard with a camera who loves to travel to really far away places. She grew up in a restaurant and can knock your socks off with her cooking. Ashley has a bottomless reservoir of creativity, which is apparent in all of her workJami is the product of parents who never hired a handyman or a seamstress and taught her to DIY back when it was still just called ‘do it yourself.’  She is a hobby calligrapher and graphic designer who loves to self-teach anything computer related. She also really wants to become a beekeeper.

Together we are curating a space inspired by the smaller things (and people) in life.

We love sharing new products and labels with the world. Send us a message to get the ball rolling.

Ashley Velez Photography
Ashley’s enthusiasm for styling photos is demonstrated in all of her work and she is happy to contribute her talents to other creative outlets, media and/or personal.

All Wild Cactus photography is original work of Ashley Velez unless otherwise credited.