I’m sure you are too preoccupied looking at that fabulous garland to even read this. I know, it’s like crack for your eyeballs. However, I must give credit where credit is due. This was one hundred and ten percent a product of Ashley’s handy work. Its beautiful and I want one hanging in my living room so I can stare at it while I drink my coffee every.single.morning. So please, if you make one, post/send/currier pigeon it so I can feast my eyes on more of this goodness!
1 pack tissue paper in desired color or colors
8-10 pieces needed for tissue paper in the main flower color
4 sheets needed of tissue paper for the center color
2 sheets needed of tissue paper for the leaves (optional)
floral wire or fishing line
  • Cut three sizes of petals.  A large, medium, and small.  See photo for shape.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, no two petals or flowers are alike. Tip: stack the tissue paper and cut multiple layers/petals at a time.
  • Start with the center of the flower and work your way out.  Fold up the paper for the center in an accordion style.  Cut this into thirds, now you have three centers for three flowers. See photo for reference.
  • Take floral wire or fishing line and tie around the center.  Fringe the sides by cutting slits down the sides.  Pull the pieces of tissue paper apart and make a fluffy mess for the center.
  • Take three of your smallest petals and bunch the ends together with the petals fanned out and put a piece of tape around the bottom to secure it.
  • Now place the petal trio under the fluffy center and tape it around the wire or fishing line.
  • Continue going around the flower until each layer is complete.  After the small petals, continue with the medium and then the large.
  • Fold tissue paper in half and cut a leaf shape.  Bunch the end and put a piece of tape around the bottom to secure it to the flower.
scissors (or a fringe cutter to make things way faster…even fringe scissors)
2 packs of tissue paper in desired color or print (I used the Martha Stewart Ombre Tissue Paper)
bakers twine
        • Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and in half the other way.
        • Cut strips towards the fold to create fringe, leaving about 1 inch uncut at the fold line
        • Once all strips are cut, unfold the tissue and cut in half so you have two sheets with fringe (to make 2 tassels).
        • Unfold tissue paper and begin rolling tightly down the middle crease.  Continue rolling, fold in half and then twist to create a loop for hanging.
        • Hang from bakers twine and repeat.
        • Attach your tissue flowers to the garland where desired.

*If using a fringe cutter, follow instructions included.

We are more than obsessed with the way this turned out, good luck with yours! #thewildcactus // @thewildcactus

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