DIY | Pom Pom Easter Basket

Hoppy Easter, friends! How adorable is Ashley’s DIY Easter Basket? Its the perfect accessory for that adorable little Easter Bunny who is about to start hopping around all by herself!

glue (optional)
  •  Make two identical doughnut shaped templates out of cardboard. The outer circle should measure 1 1/2 inch and the inner circle should measure about 2/3 inch but depending on how big you want your poms poms.  Pom will be the size of the outer ring.  
  • Sandwich both doughnut shapes together and begin winding yarn around the rings. Tip: double up the yarn to make the process quicker and mix colors for a multi effect. 
  • Keep winding until you can no longer fit the yarn through the middle of your doughnut. Cut a length of yarn about 6 inches long and set aside for later. Insert scissors between cardboard discs and snip the wrapped yarn all the way round. 
  • Double up your 6 inch length of yarn, slip it between the discs and tie lightly. Wrap and knot a few times to make sure it’s secure.
  • Remove cardboard discs, scrunch your pom pom and give it a light trim to even up.
  • Add the pom poms to any suitable basket.  You can tie on or super glue.

We’d love to see your Easter Baskets! #thewildcactus // @thewildcactus

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