Mishka, Mushka, Mickeeeey Mouse!! Are you going to have the Clubhouse theme song in your head all day now? Fabulous. That makes two of us.

This little lady has a birthday coming up later this month and she will be celebrating with the most famous mouse couple in all of the land. And while we’ve been busy prepping a few #disneyootd for both of our little babes, Disney has committed to donating $5 to Make-A-Wish for every #shareyourears photo posted online! With that in mind, here is a sneak peak of one of the pieces we have planned for our upcoming Disney adventure.

DIY Pom Pom Mouse Ear Headband

DIY Pom Pom Mouse Ear Headband

yarn in various colors
cardboard rings
bow (optional)

We used the same method for the pom poms as the DIY Easter Basket and then simply tied them onto a dollar store headband. If you opted for a bow you can fasten it to the headband with thread or glue, whichever you prefer.

Let us know how yours turn out and remember to use #shareyourears before March 14th!


Our nurseries are complete with no sign of change in the near future, but I can’t help but gaze at some of the bright and cheerful rooms I’ve seen recently. Emily Henderson is one of my all-time favorite interior designers, so it was no surprise that I found myself swooning over the tour of her daughter’s room. If I had to do it all over again, I’d be drawing inspiration from these spaces.

10 Party Essentials for Spring

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We have a very special birthday coming up soon so party planning mode is in high gear and ohhmygoodness there are some fabulous party elements out for Spring. Plus Harlow & Grey is launching a new modern party line later this month. Ahhh!

These dishes from Its Party Party are almost too pretty to cover in cake. However, they make a picture perfect backdrop, don’t you think?


I’m sure you are too preoccupied looking at that fabulous garland to even read this. I know, it’s like crack for your eyeballs. However, I must give credit where credit is due. This was one hundred and ten percent a product of Ashley’s handy work. Its beautiful and I want one hanging in my living room so I can stare at it while I drink my coffee every.single.morning. So please, if you make one, post/send/currier pigeon it so I can feast my eyes on more of this goodness!
1 pack tissue paper in desired color or colors
8-10 pieces needed for tissue paper in the main flower color
4 sheets needed of tissue paper for the center color
2 sheets needed of tissue paper for the leaves (optional)
floral wire or fishing line
  • Cut three sizes of petals.  A large, medium, and small.  See photo for shape.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, no two petals or flowers are alike. Tip: stack the tissue paper and cut multiple layers/petals at a time.
  • Start with the center of the flower and work your way out.  Fold up the paper for the center in an accordion style.  Cut this into thirds, now you have three centers for three flowers. See photo for reference.
  • Take floral wire or fishing line and tie around the center.  Fringe the sides by cutting slits down the sides.  Pull the pieces of tissue paper apart and make a fluffy mess for the center.
  • Take three of your smallest petals and bunch the ends together with the petals fanned out and put a piece of tape around the bottom to secure it.
  • Now place the petal trio under the fluffy center and tape it around the wire or fishing line.
  • Continue going around the flower until each layer is complete.  After the small petals, continue with the medium and then the large.
  • Fold tissue paper in half and cut a leaf shape.  Bunch the end and put a piece of tape around the bottom to secure it to the flower.
scissors (or a fringe cutter to make things way faster…even fringe scissors)
2 packs of tissue paper in desired color or print (I used the Martha Stewart Ombre Tissue Paper)
bakers twine
        • Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and in half the other way.
        • Cut strips towards the fold to create fringe, leaving about 1 inch uncut at the fold line
        • Once all strips are cut, unfold the tissue and cut in half so you have two sheets with fringe (to make 2 tassels).
        • Unfold tissue paper and begin rolling tightly down the middle crease.  Continue rolling, fold in half and then twist to create a loop for hanging.
        • Hang from bakers twine and repeat.
        • Attach your tissue flowers to the garland where desired.

*If using a fringe cutter, follow instructions included.

We are more than obsessed with the way this turned out, good luck with yours! #thewildcactus // @thewildcactus


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.12.16 PM

photo from Label Jane

Friends. Are your alarms set? Are you going to be hiding behind a locked bathroom door with your laptop and a glass of wine at 8:30pm CST? Okay, good. We will be right there with you. The Label Jane Spring release is happening tonight and you need to bring your A game because these precious little pieces go lightening fast! And if by chance you fill up your cart and the internet goes out, call us. We’ve been there.

God’s speed, everyone.

DIY | Pom Pom Easter Basket

Hoppy Easter, friends! How adorable is Ashley’s DIY Easter Basket? Its the perfect accessory for that adorable little Easter Bunny who is about to start hopping around all by herself!

glue (optional)
  •  Make two identical doughnut shaped templates out of cardboard. The outer circle should measure 1 1/2 inch and the inner circle should measure about 2/3 inch but depending on how big you want your poms poms.  Pom will be the size of the outer ring.  
  • Sandwich both doughnut shapes together and begin winding yarn around the rings. Tip: double up the yarn to make the process quicker and mix colors for a multi effect. 
  • Keep winding until you can no longer fit the yarn through the middle of your doughnut. Cut a length of yarn about 6 inches long and set aside for later. Insert scissors between cardboard discs and snip the wrapped yarn all the way round. 
  • Double up your 6 inch length of yarn, slip it between the discs and tie lightly. Wrap and knot a few times to make sure it’s secure.
  • Remove cardboard discs, scrunch your pom pom and give it a light trim to even up.
  • Add the pom poms to any suitable basket.  You can tie on or super glue.

We’d love to see your Easter Baskets! #thewildcactus // @thewildcactus


I had to resist every temptation to call this a Beary Easy Play Mat because it was truly beary easy to make.

-1 1/4  yards white fabric
-neon acrylic paint
-6 medium-sized skeins of yarn
-cardboard for pom pom

-cut two 48″ circles from the white fabric, set one aside
-paint bear face onto one of the fabric circles, let dry, then iron to set the color
-place both circles of fabric with correct sides together and stitch together, leaving a   space large enough to turn the fabric right-side out.
-hand stitch the remaining opening
-make 12 large pom poms* and place around the mat, imagine a clock as your spacing guide
-hand stitch pom poms to play mat

*Here is a great tutorial on making pom poms. We used  5″ cardboard donuts with a 1.5″ center hole. If you want to get really technical, we cut all of our yarn into 7 foot pieces and used 65 pieces per pom pom, which we wrapped all at once to save a lot of time. Just make sure your yarn donut is wrapped until it cannot possibly be wrapped anymore.

Share your DIY Play Mat with us on Instagram! @thewildcactus


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We are very pro-  windows open around here, but we are very anti-  spontaneous slamming doors and heart attacks. I feel like we are all on the same page about this, no?

yarn (for pom pom)
large bag of rice

make pom pom out of yarn
cut fabric into rectangle measuring 10in x 19in
fold fabric in half, right sides together, creating (an almost) square
place pom pom at the top corner next to the fold
sew along top and side, leaving the bottom open
sew the bottom seam perpendicular to the top seam, leaving an opening large enough for your hand
trim corners and turn fabric right side out, shaping as necessary
fill with rice and hand stitch closed